CD Sampler

Cheung Wa Mandy plays Traditional Chinese Music

The following describes the content of Cheung Wa Mandy's CD. A selected number of songs can be sampled by clicking the linked title of the song.

1. Nocturn of Fishing Boats
/Zither Solo/
Describes the scenery of fishing boats coming home from a large, calm lake in a blissful evening.
2. Dance Music in Tribe Ni
/Lute Solo/
Lively describes the happy dancing and singing of the tribe's youth.
3. Rhyme of a Little Swallow /Composed by Cheung Wa Mandy/
/Zither Solo/
A graceful song, sings the praises of a little independent swallow, that sings and flies happily in the wide sky.
4. Colour Clouds
/Lute accomponied by Zither/
Colour clouds floating high in the sky, chasing the moon in a starry night. What a vivid imagination of the composer!
5. Lotus
/Zither Solo/
An ancient zither play with natural, sweet tune.
6. Moonlight Over the Spring Water
/Lute Solo/
This quartet was adapted from the ancient Chinese lute play "Hsi Young Shio Koo" by the "Shanghai Tai Tung Music Club", in the 1920s. It describes the scene of a peaceful night at a river bank in China. This is a graceful song, with rich poetic flavour.
7. Love Song of Kang Din
/Zither Solo/
It is a popular ditty in China.
8. Bring Me a Spray of Rose
/Lute Solo/
Adapted from a Sinkiang folk song. Bright, joyful melody. Addition of a tambourine performance makes the song more rhytmical.
9. Wang Chao Jun
/Zither Solo/
Describes the sorrow of Wan Chao Jun, who was made to leave her homeland to marry a foreign emperor, whom she did not love. The low and deep sounds of the zither seem to be the sighs of Wan Chao Jun.
10. Love Story of Liang and Ju
/Zither Solo/
Adapted from a violin concerto composed by Ho Chim Ho and Chen Kang. The smooth introduction and touching melody tell a beautiful love story.
11. Chuang Tai Chiu Si
/Zither Solo/
A popular song in China. An affecting song, adapted from the ancient play "Chuang Tai Chiu Si".
12. Ambush All Around
/Lute Solo/
This is an adaptation of an ancient masterpiece for lute. It describes a battle scene, giving a sense of the war. It is a difficult piece to play.